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27th - 29th Oct 2017

SHAP Stadium - Mzilikazi Street, Mofolo SOWETO

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Soweto Beer Festival News

27 - 29
Oct 2017.


The beer fest will take place from 27 to 29 October at Sharp Stadium, opposite Mofolo Park in Soweto.

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27 - 29
Oct 2017.


The festival will feature 40 different types of beers ranging from local beers, to traditional African brews and international beers.

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27 - 29
Oct 2017.

Cheers to the beers... It's the Soweto Beer Festival!

Nothing is more South African than a refreshing beer and nowhere is more Mzansi than Soweto.

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About Soweto Beer Festival

Our Wonderful Journey.

We are 17 years old! The Soweto Beer Festival South Africa’s longest consistently running beer festival! It started in 1999 and has not skipped a year since. Through the vision and perseverance of Godfrey and Gloria Mautloa the beer festival has gone from strength to strength. The festival initially started as a promotional event to draw clientele to their venue, Masakeng and promote the wide variety of beer offerings they had. They wanted to do something different from the usual wine and whisky promotions that where a rage in the main market. The Soweto beer festival has become an iconic lifestyle event and a much anticipated annual event in Soweto.

The event has developed beyond attracting mainstream beer brands and has been a catalyst in introducing premium brands to the local market. Brands such as Stella Artois, Peroni and Soweto Gold were all launched at Soweto Beer Festival.

The impact of the Soweto Beer Festival has had had a far reaching impact and has inspired many similar events in Soweto and beyond including Soweto Wine Festival, Maftown Beer Festival, Kutitura Beer Festival (Namibia) ,Graceland Casino Beer Festival, Mogale City Beer Festival, Ekurhuleni Beer Festival and many more.

The 17 Do’s and Don’ts of the SBF


Handy hints: The 17 Do’s and Don’ts of the SBF

The DO’s:

  1. Bring your ID, no under 18’s allowed (the only 17 year old allowed is the beer fest itself!)
  2. Pre-buy your tickets
  3. Remember sunscreen! Always protect your skin from strong rays and damage
  4. Bring a rain coat or umbrella, we are into summer and thunderstorms can occur
  5. Drink a glass of water between each beverage to remain hydrated
  6. Plan your trip home, either with a designated driver, UBER or a taxi
  7. Bring cash to buy drinks, food and things from the Market
  8. Eat! Please don’t drink on an empty stomach
  9. Share the event with your crew – No one wants to miss this one
  10. 10. Please do “check-in” when you get there and share, tweet, Instagram and Facebook – be the envy of all your friends and family missing out. This is THE place to be seen
  11. Bring you’re A-Game! This is one big party
  12. Be considerate of your fellow festival goers and let’s keep it safe and enjoyable

The Don’ts:

  1. Don’t forget your tickets at home
  2. DO NOT Drink and drive
  3. Do not bring your own alcohol, it will not be allowed in
  4. Don’t bring any weapons or prohibited substances
  5. Don’t be THAT guy or girl that misses this event!

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